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Astrology Insight is a great resource for daily horoscopes astrology and zodiac sign information. Worth a Visit!

Death (65)

Sites within this area are on the topic of death and dying. Examines religious beliefs and superstitions, as well as a scientific perspective.
Divination (1172)

Lots of sub-categories here. Divination is pretty much any method of trying to predict the future, so there are lots of sites in this area.
Enlightenment (96)

There are many different ways that people seek enlightenment. Sites here explore many different paths.
Esoteric and Occult (1650)

Esoteric & Occult The definition and knowledge base of all things esoteric & occult explore this taboo subject in-depth here. Great resource for study.
Folklore (703)

Folklore stories, literature and information about common folklore and myths. Great educational starting point for study.
Future (294)

General speculation as to what the future may hold. Not the same as divination.

Ghosts (259)

What can we say! Ghosts! Lots of sites in this area as you might imagine.

Magic (20)

Magic, witchcraft, voodoo... All the stuff you need to put the whammy on someone. ;)

Meditation (76)

There is almost as much material on the web about meditation as there is religion. It is practiced worldwide, and is the core of many people's spiritual life.
Mysticism (111)

Learn what mysticism is, how and where it is practiced, the history of it and more. Lots of exciting links to mystical sites as well.
New Age (1072)

The New Age Movement, commonly known as simply "New Age", what is it? What do they believe? Here is an interesting article on the subject, with links to other great sources of information on the New Age.
Paranormal (257)

The paranormal is discussed and explained. A starting point for exploring all things paranormal, like ghost, UFOs, psychic phenomena, remote viewing and much more.
Philosophy (3490)

Philosophy is discussed and explained. A starting point for learning about philosophy and Philosophers. Lots of interesting sites and information on the subject.
Psychic (669)

Got psychic? Everything about esp, telepathy, sensing the future, etc.
Reincarnation (39)

Do we come back again after we die? If so, as who, or what?
Religion (39236)

The world does not agree on one religion. It may never will. Religion is a thing passed on to our children from birth to adulthood, and in many cases can almost seem like pre-programming.
Skeptics (865)

Skeptics are everywhere! Everything from religions to UFO's, it's not hard to find a plethora of skeptics. The role of the skeptic in society is explored. Starting point for skepticism research.
Spirituality (173)

Spirituality and Religion and their differences, similarities are explored. Discover your spiritual side. Informative articles as well as links to other spiritual sites.
UFOs (199)

UFOs Aliens and abductions are discussed. UFO sightings in history, pictures and educational information on the interesting topic of Aliens and UFOs.
Yoga (1476)

A lot of different sites about the practice of yoga. Get all you could want to know about it here.

There are 70825 Spiritual sites listed within these walls.

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