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New Age MovementNew Age

This term, New Age describes a movement in western culture to explore spiritual matters without the constrains of any set religious doctrine. Known as the "New Age Movement", it contains many of the same elements found throughout different religions. New Age itself is not an actual religion, it is more of a conglomeration of many peoples "private" beliefs.

Those who consider themselves part of the New Age movement have numerous and varied beliefs; nevertheless, certain recognizable themes start to emerge at close examination. An individual who identifies themselves with the New Age Movement may also subscribe to some or all of these themes, depending on their own sense of what is good or bad, right and wrong.

The core beliefs in most people who claim to be in the New Age Movement are as follows:

1. All life, not just limited to humanity, and everything in the universe is believed to be spiritually interconnected, emanating from the same energy widely known as “God”.

2. Spiritual beings (souls. angels, ghosts, ascended masters, elementals, and/or ufo aliens) exist, and can maybe guide us, if we open ourselves up to, and accept their guidance.

3. The human mind is complex and has deep levels of spirit and thought and possibly vast powers, which could be capable even of altering physical reality. “You can effect and create your own reality.” Nevertheless, it is believed that this is subject to certain spiritual laws, such as physics and the principle of cause and effect.

4. They believe you as an individual has a purpose here on earth, in this life, in the present surroundings, because there are lessons to learn. The most important lesson to learn is, of course, "love".

5. Death is not the end of life; there is only life, no death at all, just in different forms. What some might refer to as an afterlife, or beyond the veil, does not punish us but instead teaches us, pretty much disputing the existence of "hell" or the "devil". Perhaps through the mechanisms of reincarnation or near-death experiences we come round again for yet another lesson (or lessons).

6. Intuition or "spiritual guidance" is a more common guide to growth than, say, rationalism, skepticism, or a scientific method. IT is held that science as a whole neglects such things as parapsychology, meditation, and holistic medicine.

7. There exists a mystical binding of all major religions, Eastern or Western. Dogma and religious tradition are not considered important.

New AgeMajor critics and skeptics of New Age have surfaced from both philosophical and scientific viewpoints that seek to understand the nature of New Age beliefs. These often highlight the discrepancies between New Age's apparently irreconcilable mix of occultism and lack of acceptance of the laws of physics. More extreme criticisms have emerged, quite vigorously from evangelical Christian Churches who reject all forms of occultism.

Below is a listing of categories in the SKR pertaining to new-age


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  • A Prophesied Paradigm and Paradigm Shift

    A Prophesied Paradigm and Paradigm Shift

    A prophesied paradigm for today's troubling times and beyond. Discover the paradigm shift it is creating. Compare this indescribable life-changing experience against what you have been doing.
    (Added: Sat Aug 14 2004) ID 119405

  • Angel Focus

    Angel Focus

    Guide to and definitions of angels, archangels, guardians, elementals, and spirit guides.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23806

  • Angel Organica

    Angel Organica

    Offering a complete range of solutions for people interested in or practicing Angel Guidance. Includes workshops, chat forum, newsletter, and a catalogue of products and tools.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23803

  • Angelspeake


    Offers retreats, books, and phone training to learn to walk and talk with angels. Also offers a newsletter, bulletin board, and calendar of related events.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23793

  • Author Stacie Spielman

    Author Stacie Spielman

    Former spiritual medium and hands-on healer, author of true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, provides factual pages about angels, spirits, ghosts, witchcraft, and the occult.
    (Added: Wed Jul 21 2004) ID 119323

  • Conversations With God

    Conversations With God

    Official companion site to Neale Donald Walsch's book. Features author profile, interviews and Q&A sections, with details of seminars, study groups and products. Chat areas and personal testimonies.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23798

  • Isle of Avalon

    Isle of Avalon

    Information about new age centers and activities in and around Glastonbury, UK. Includes forum, articles, reviews, oracles and online courses.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23781

  • Karinya for Body, Mind and Spirit

    Karinya for Body, Mind and Spirit

    Large collection of articles and features on spiritual and metaphysical subjects.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23797

  • Kimbas Angels

    Kimbas Angels

    Information and research on the angels and angelology.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23776

  • Multi Dimensions

    Multi Dimensions

    A journey through conscious, unconscious and superconscious worlds to find meditation, chakra and spiritual healing techniques for holistic well-being.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23777

  • Native American Prophecies

    Native American Prophecies

    American Indian prophecies as told by a white psychic who claims to be inhabited by a light being named Z.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23783

  • New Age Lifestyle

    New Age Lifestyle

    How to adopt a New Age lifestyle as an alternative to traditional Western beliefs and practices. Includes sections on health and well being, approaches to religion and spirituality, and helping the environment.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23802

  • New Age Spirituality

    New Age Spirituality

    In-depth article defines the New Age movement and some of the core beliefs, explains the traditions from which it is rooted, describes the confusions caused by other religions, and highlights some of the more common practices.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23787

  • News from Nahziryah

    News from Nahziryah

    Information, news and sales from the Nahziryah Monastic Community and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23778

  • Omnispirit.net


    Offering energy healing, Ra-Sheeba courses, attunements, healing techniques, symbols, spiritual/metaphysical writings, fine artwork, crystals, minerals and spiritual discussion forums.
    (Added: Mon Apr 26 2004) ID 119013

  • Order of the White Lion

    Order of the White Lion

    Presents the case for astrology, tarot, karma and the elements being part of a universal language.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23786

  • Rainsnow


    Seeking to unite people on various spiritual paths into a collective on one path. Includes books, bulletins and articles, special services, and resources.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23795

  • Sacred Wind

    Sacred Wind

    Spiritual information regarding the many aspects of the Divine Mother, based upon the teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23799

  • Science of Wholeness

    Science of Wholeness

    Offering a combination of several paths to wholeness including meditation, breatharianism, population control, alternative health, and spiritual marriage.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23792

  • Soul City

    Soul City

    Collection of spiritual readings with dream dictionary, meditation information, flower lore, philosophy section, shopping and a pot pourri of other new age information.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23779

  • Spirit Guides

    Spirit Guides

    An article about spirit guides and how to contact them.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23808

  • The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus

    The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus

    The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus, the Christ of the Piscean Age. Transcribed by Levi H. Dowling
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23790

  • The Llewellyn Encyclopedia

    The Llewellyn Encyclopedia

    Definitions of a wide range of terms, with related articles.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23796

  • The Maitreyan Order of Hsien Tao

    The Maitreyan Order of Hsien Tao

    Information about the Tantric-Alchemical-Kaballah as developed by master Khiron. Offers archives and events information, including details of Maitra as a way of life.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 23775

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