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Wisedom is at the core of spiritual enlightenmentWhat is enlightenment? the act of enlightening is defined as "the act of enlightening or casting light where there was darkness". Spiritual Enlightenment is pretty much what all spiritual studies strive for. It is the hope of anyone studying the topics within spiritandsky to come to this stage of being. Imagine understanding life, the universe and everything? It is not likely anyone of us will achieve "total" spiritual enlightenment in our lifetimes, but many have and will at least gain partial enlightenment.

This is such a universal subject it would be hard to put it into a can and give it a label. Mystics, theologians even religious fundamentalists all have people within their ranks that claim to have, or can give spiritual enlightenment. The bottom line is this; If you learn something deep, profound and true, and it sinks into your heart and becomes a part of you, then you have achieved, to at least a certain degree, enlightenment.

All religions seem to have a claim on enlightenment. But can they all be right? Most people would say no, but if you look at the basic core teachings of most mainstream religions you will find basic similarities. Things like "do unto others as you would have done unto you". Don't steal, kill or desire another's property.. But is this "spiritual enlightenment"? Not really, even though it sheds light on how we should live our lives, or to feel better about ourselves, and care for our fellow people, it really sheds little light on what "really" happens after we die, and what happened to those already past.

Many people attempt to directly achieve enlightenment through meditation, fasting, prayer, even occult means. Though many have tried, and many may have succeeded in gaining this knowledge, there exists today no one single definitive source of spiritual enlightenment (very religious people will, of course, disagree...), it is up to you, only you can find this path, and ultimately you must do it on your own. To give you an idea of how diverse the people on this planet are that seek spiritual enlightenment, here is a quote from noted scientist Albert Einstein:

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

- Albert Einstein

The sites in this section of spiritandsky SKR are dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. But as always, take any "spiritual knowledge or facts" with a grain of salt. Think freely for yourself and make up your own mind.

Below is a listing of categories in the SKR pertaining to enlightenment


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    The First World! Books on African history, many topics on ancient Egypt, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, psychology, science, indigenous African studies, sculptures, African inspired music, book authors information, music artist information, guest commentators, Newsletters, Discussion board with live Chat, Free Web-base Email and more!
    (Added: Sun Jun 13 2004) ID 119180

  • Doorway to A Course in Miracles Resources for Students

    Doorway to A Course in Miracles Resources for Students

    A Course in Miracles is deeply spiritual, but is not intended to be the basis of a formal religion. It invites intimate self-study in company with the voice that speaks from its pages. ACIM presents a spiritual path of forgiveness based on non-dualistic theory while integrating principles of contemporary ego psychology. This site offers access to Internet resources for learning about A Course in Miracles: articles, essays, book excerpts, search engine for Course topics and concepts; access to publisher and the official foundation for teaching ACIM.
    (Added: Tue Feb 10 2004) ID 118917

  • Enlightenment Now

    Enlightenment Now

    Practical enlightened teaching resources for serious seekers of spiritual enlightenment and liberation: questions and answers, energy-work exercises, dietary advice, mailing-lists, enlightenment intensives, kundalini clinics and objective reviews. Enlightened Teacher, Dave Oshana spent the first 30 years of his life seeking enlightenment before it arrived by surprise. Now he shares his ground-breaking methods and immediate zen no-mind transmission.
    (Added: Fri Jul 02 2004) ID 119250

  • Enlightenment.com


    Resources and products for the spiritual seeker.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 20356

  • living satsang

    living satsang

    info about satsang and advaita vedanta: teachers, books, agenda, quotes, interviews, news etc. big section about satsang in india. vison for a living satsang community in spain. both in english and dutch
    (Added: Sat Aug 05 2006) ID 119520

  • Realization.org


    Techniques for attaining enlightenment, also called nirvana or self-realization. Practical instructions for meditation, yoga, waking kundalini.
    (Added: Thu Jan 01 2004) ID 20355

Home: enlightenment

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